This UH-1H, more commonly called the “Huey”, served in Vietnam from 1969 to the end of the war, with C “Charlie” Company, 158th Aviation Battalion, 101st Air Mobile Division.  It then served as a trainer with the United States Army Aviation School at Ft. Ricker, Alabama.  It was surplused by the US Army in about 2000 and then acquired by Texas Firebirds, Will Point, TX.  The Historic Aviation Memorial purchased it through Texas Surplus after they took it over from the Texas Firebirds.  The blue circle on the tail denoted Charlie Company.  The H model of the Huey was the later model of several versions, the first being the B model.  The “Huey” served as a work house during the Vietnam War, and is still in use today by many military and civilian operators.

Specifications:  UH-1H

Owned by Historic Aviation Memorial Museum