Most versions of the F-105 were fighter/bombers and many served as "Wild Weasels" for SAM Missile suppression in North Vietnam during that conflict. These aircraft had several nicknames: Thud, Super Hog, Ultra Hog, and Lead Sled. It was said that "Thud" is the sound that it makes when it crashes. 397 out of 833 were lost in combat or operational accidents in the Vietnam conflict.

This particular aircraft was converted to be an all-weather/night bomber. The AN/ASC-19 "Thunderstick II" fire control system is housed on the spine of the fuselage in the added compartments you see behind the cockpit. Its last mission assignment was with Air Force Reserve Unit, 457th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 301st Tactical Fighter Wing, at Carswell AFB, Texas in late 1970's until 1984.

This aircraft (number 60-0500) is on loan from the US Air Force Museum, Dayton, Ohio.